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Firm Overview

Our Record

For over a decade, The Sturgell Law Firm has assisted personal injury victims. Some of our recent successes related to cases of differing sizes are listed below.


$450,000 recovery from a head injury
$275,000 policy limits result from a fracture
$200,000 recovery after an emergency visit following auto accident
$200,000 recovery from a back injury
$200,000 recovery from knee surgery
$200,000 aggravation of a pre existing injury
$150,000 settlement from a “low impact” cervical injury
$135,000 recovery from an auto accident during pregnancy
$104,250 policy limits settlement resulting from a rollover accident
$100,000 recovery from a severe car accident
$100,000 policy limits settlement from a soft tissue lumbar injury
$93,000 recovery from a back injury due to an auto accident
$75,000 recovery as a result of a shoulder injury
$65,000 recovery from a rear-end auto accident


Each case is different. Past results are no guarantee of future of success. However, if you have been injured in an auto accident, our firm would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.