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Is your Denver Accident Lawyer Really Working for YOU?

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My clients assume, rightfully so, that when they hire me as their Denver accident lawyer, I will advocate on their behalf throughout their case. However, I had a recent dealing with another attorney and a doctor which makes me question whether or not all attorneys…

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Liability Decisions are not Always Permanent

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When involved in an accident, it is human nature to assume that when the other driver or their insurance carrier admits fault for the accident, one’s damages will be paid. Not so fast. Recently, a client of mine was hit. The adverse insurance carrier accepted…

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Insurance says: “We don’t owe you anything!” – The Sturgell Law Firm

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Sadly, the insurance industry is taking more aggressive steps to limit claims payments every day. The latest: a letter to a claimant immediately following her accident informing her that this was a “minor” accident and she should be “on notice” that there “will not be…

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Insurance Companies are Getting Even Tougher – The Sturgell Law Firm

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In an alarming trend, we have noticed of recent that insurance carriers are taking more severe and more outrageous steps to deny our clients’ claims.  A recent example includes an attempt to blame a home vandalism claim in which our client was a victim years…

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